Setting up Out of Office Auto-Replies

Out-of-Office Replies 

As you get ready to leave for summer break, don’t forget to set your Out-of-Office greetings for voicemail and email accounts. ITS suggests making a notation on your calendar to remove out-of-office messages upon return to work. For information on setting up your voicemail, see our article on Knowledge Owl “Recording your out of office Greeting”

For email In Microsoft Outlook for the PC, click on "File" then click the button marked "Automatic Replies" and complete the setup. On the Mac, click on the "tools" tab and then the "Out of Office" button.

On your Shoretel phone:

  1. To record your Out of Office greeting, press the button for "State" on your phone and select Out of Office and press the OK button.
  2. Log into your voicemail by pressing .  If you do not have a password, enter the default password 1234.
  3. From the voicemail Main Menu, press 7 to access Mailbox Options.
  4. Press 6.
  5. Record your name and press #.
  6. Choose one of the following options:
  • To accept your name recording, press #
  • To review your name recording, press 1
  • To re-record your name, press 2
  • To delete this recording, press 3
  • To cancel, press * (star).