Trillian Instant Messenger

Please DO NOT install Trillian until your contact list has been setup by ITS. Contact the Help Desk at (805) 493-3698 or e-mail at . The ITS specialists will assist you with creating your distribution list.

Software Installation Instructions for: Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone can be found below:

How to install and sign into Trillian on Windows:

  1. Log into Trillian and select "Trillian for Individuals. Follow the instructions to download the free application for your operating system.

  2. Clicking on the install application will take you to the first screen: Accept the default location to install the program.

  1. Trillian will install, and when you launch the application the program will automatically populate with the contacts you have submitted to ITS.

  2. Launch the program, click on Sign in using existing Trillian account.  

  3. Enter your CLU account information and click on Continue.

    • Username: type in your entire CLU email address

    • Password: enter your CLU password

    • Check off Remember password on this computer

  4. Click on Sign in once you entered all the information.

How to install Trillian on MAC:

  1. Go to the App Store and enter "Trillian" in the search box and download the application.

How to install and sign into Trillian on iPhone:

  1. From the app store, download the Trillian app.

  2. Make sure to allow notifications

  3. Enter your Cal Lutheran credentials.

  4. Make sure to allow Trillian to access your contacts.

How to install and sign into Trillian on Android:

  1. Tap on on the Google Play Store app and search for TrillianTap on the application and select Install.

  2. When the application has completed installing, tap on Accept in the bottom right corner.

  3. Enter your Cal Lutheran credentials and sign in.