Zoom Teleconferencing

From your MyCLU page click on the “Zoom” icon. *

Your Zoom Profile Page shows you all your account information. A “Pro” account, can host a meeting with up to 300 participants, without any time limit. A free personal account has a time limit of 40 minutes and 100 individuals. To start a meeting, click on “Host A Meeting” * A popup will appear allowing you to host with video on / off or screen share only. Let’s host this meeting with video on. *

If the Zoom application has not been installed, an executable file will be downloaded. Run the * file to create the Zoom application.

Once you have run the app, Zoom will ask you how you want to communicate in the meeting, either by computer or phone.

On the PC you can drop an icon to the task bar. On the Mac, the Zoom app will automatically be included in the dock. *

You will be asked to sign in. Select “Sign in with SSO” 

Enter “CLU” and click Continue

You will be redirected to your MyCLU login page

Click on “Open Zoom Meetings” * and the application will start

The zoom application is a dashboard that allows you to control all the functions of Zoom. Click on “New Meeting”

The zoom application is a dashboard that allows you to control all the functions of Zoom. Click on “New Meeting”

Your Zoom meeting opens. Click on “Invite” *

You can invite by “Contacts” or by email. If you invite by contacts you will see all campus email addresses for individuals who have previously logged into zoom

When inviting from your contact list, an open circle means the individual is not on line. Colored circle means they are online and available

You can narrow your search by entering the first few letters of a name. Click “Invite” to send the invitation.


An invitation to join a meeting is received by the recipient if they are currently logged into Zoom, if not they will be sent an email

The recipient can join with or * without video.

By default, if video is enabled, the * host’s video will appear in the main screen and the participants * will appear at the top of the screen if their video is turned on.

If an invitation is sent by email, the recipient will receive an invitation as email. They simply click the “Join Zoom Meeting” link. *

Click on “Manage Participants” * and the participant pane opens on the right 

Click on “Share Screen” * a dialogue box * allows you to select the screen you would like to share.

Once you start a meeting, the Controls for the meeting appear at the top of your screen


Click on the “More” button * and a dialogue box appears with all your in-meeting controls.