Outlook PC Configuration for Staff & Faculty

  1. Launch Outlook.  The Microsoft Outlook Account Setup window will open up.  Click on "Next."
  2. ‚ÄčIn the Add Account window, enter the following information.
  • Your Name: Your first and last name
  • E-mail Address: Your CLU e-mail address
  • Password: Your CLU password
  • Retype Password:  Confirm your CLU password

  1. After enter all your CLU information, Outlook will automatically find the CLU's server and a Windows Security will appear.  Enter the following information.
  • Username: username@clunet.2k
  • Password:  Your CLU password
  • Remember my credentials: Check off

Click "OK" once you are done.

  1. If you see the following screen, then Outlook has been completely setup and is ready to being syncing your e-mails.  Click on "Finish."
  2. Once Outlook launches, make note of the blue bar located at the bottom of your Outlook screen.  You may not see all your e-mails right away, as Outlook will be downloading them.  You can still send and receive e-mails while this is happening, but you can check the download process by looking at the bottom bar.  If you see the text "UPDATING (folder name)," then your e-mails are downloading.  Once it is finished, it will change to say "ALL FOLDERS ARE UP TO DATE."