Zoom Installation and Tutorial - PC and Mac

The easiest way to install Zoom is from the link on the ITS homepage: callutheran.edu/its. Click on the "Zoom install" link

In this article, there are two files for the PC and one for the Mac installation. For PC, download the two apps and from your download folder, click on the .exe file to begin the installation. On the Mac, the file will be a zip file in your download folder. Double Click this file to begin installation.

On a PC, once the application loads, go ahead and sign in. 

Make sure you sign in using SSO

In "Company Domain" type "clu" 

From the next screen, click on "Open Zoom" 

This is the Zoom dashboard

On the Mac, from your download folder, double click on the zip file downloaded from the ITS site.

The install program will check to make sure that your version of the Mac OS will run the application 

Click on "Sign in" 

Click on Sign in with SSO 

Type clu in the box

Click on "Open Zoom.us"

You are now at the Zoom dashboard

There are four basic controls at the top of the screen. 

From the chat screen you can begin a chat with anyone at CLU who has previously logged in. To get a full listing of these names, in the search box (marked jump to) enter the first letter of the first name of the individual you would like to chat with. The panel will populate with everyone who's first name begins with that letter.

The meetings tab allows you to start an instant meeting or copy the meeting invitation. Clicking on Edit opens up additional controls.

The last tab is contacts. Click on the arrow next to company contacts, and you will get a complete list of CLU contacts that have logged intro Zoom. You can scroll through the list to find a contact, or enter a partial or full contact's name in the search box.

When a meeting is started, the same dashboard controls are at the bottom of the screen.

You can invite by “Contacts” or by email. If you invite by contacts you will see all campus email addresses for individuals who have previously logged into Zoom

When inviting from your contact list, an open circle means the individual is not on line. Colored circle means they are online and available

You can narrow your search by entering the first few letters of a name. Click “Invite” to send the invitation. 

An invitation to join a meeting is received by the recipient if they are currently logged into Zoom, if not they will be sent an email.

The recipient can join with or without video.

By default, if video is enabled, the host’s video will appear in the main screen and the participants will appear at the top of the screen if their video is turned on.

If an invitation is sent by email, the recipient will receive an invitation as email. They simply click the “Join Zoom Meeting” link. 

Click on “Manage Participants” and the participant pane opens on the right Click on “Share Screen” a dialogue box allows you to select the screen you would like to share.

Once you start a meeting, the Controls for the meeting appear at the top of your screen Mouse over the controls and the full control bar appears Clicking on the arrow moves the controls to the top or bottom of the screen

Click on the “More” button and a dialogue box appears with all your in-meeting controls.

Scheduling meetings requires that you go to the Zoom webpage at clu.callutheran.edu. Click on "Schedule a Meeting to setup your future Zoom session. This can be a one time or recurring meeting.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, call the helpdesk at 805-493-3698 or send an email to helpdesk@callutheran.edu