Password change issues when using a campus owned computer from home

If you have changed your password on a campus owned computer from home without being logged into the VPN first, you may experience some problems logging in. To resolve this, follow these instructions:

For the PC

1) Log into the campus computer using your old password.

2) Log into the VPN

3) Lock the computer - either Ctrl-Alt-Del and select "Lock" or use the Windows key + L, and then log back into the system.

This will re-synchronize the password and you should be able to login with your new password.

For the Mac

Make sure your VPN application is connected to the CLU network. If prompted for a user name and password, use the newly changed password to authenticate.

On a CLU owned Mac, we have to determine if a program called NOMAD is installed. If it is installed one of these icons will appear in the menu bar.

Nomad will automatically pop up and ask the user to enter their user name and then ask for both your old and new passwords.

The user can reconnect to the shared drives by clicking the “gumby” icon in the menu bar, going to “File Serves” and choosing the server they would like to reconnect to.

If NOMAD is not installed (no Gumby in the menu bar)

Log out of the account on the computer.

Log back in to the account on the computer using the new password. 

A keychain error will pop up. Choose “Update Keychain” and enter the old password.

Re-connect to the shared drives using the shared drive documentation.

RECOMMENDED: Make a ticket to have a Mac technician follow up the user to install NoMAD.