Using Google Drive for Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures using Google Drive

Go to: https: www.

Search for an application called: "Secured Signature"

Install the application. This is a Google add-on and will not appear as an application on your computer

To access your campus Google drive go to MyCLU

Upload your document to your Google Drive

Double click your document to open in the Google drive viewer

From the "Open With" tab at the top of the page, choose "Doc Hub"

In the left hand column click on "Manage fields"

Additional tools appear. Click on the "Signature" icon

Drag the signature field where you want it on the page

The signature box appears.

If you want someone else to sign, enter their email. If you need to affix your own electronic signature

select "Assign to Self"

Next you need to assign the signature. Click on the "Not Assigned" box.

Click on "Assign one field"

Click on "Prepare Sign Request"

In the dialogue box that opens, click on "Send Request"

A dialogue box opens letting you know that the request has been sent.

An email is sent to the recipient requiring action.

The recipient clicks on the document in the email.

The recipient agrees to the electronic signature and start the process. 

Several options appear to satisfy the electronic signature. Clicking on "Sign" reveals signing templates.

If the choose text the get several font options.

The recipient clicks on "Finalize"

And confirms finalization.

A dialogue box appears confirming the document has been electronically signed and an email is sent to the originator.

The originator receives an email confirmation that the document has been signed electronically.