Using Multiple Zoom Accounts

Using multiple Zoom accounts.pdf

These instructions apply only to CLU Zoom accounts, not personal Zoom accounts.  Both PC's and Macs are covered in this article

For some of us, we are required to sign into multiple Zoom accounts. With the exception of departmental accounts most accounts are connected to the SSO or single sign in. When switching between accounts, you need to completely log out of Zoom and MyCLU and log back in with the second credential.

Log into the Zoom client. Make sure you sign in with SSO.

The icon in the upper right hand corner will let you know which account you are logged into.

Click the up arrow in the taskbar to see all applications running.

Right click on the Zoom icon and choose "Sign Out"

Log out of MyCLU and log back into the second account. Make sure you are logged into the correct account.

Bring up the Zoom client and use the SSO to login to the other account.

Your browser will open. Click on "Open Zoom" 

You are now logged into the second account, as indicated by the icon in the upper right corner.

Mac Instructions

On the Mac, open the Zoom client. The current user is listed in the upper right hand corner.

From your MyCLU account, log out of your current account and log back in with the account you want to use for Zoom

Your MyCLU page should now show the current user.

Sign out of your Zoom account

Using the SSO sign into the second account.

Finish signing in to the new account

In the browser page that opens, click on "Open"

You are now logged into the second account.