Trillian Instant Messenger

Instant messaging, often shortened to simply "IM" or "IMing," is the exchange of text messages through a software application in real-time. Generally included in the IM software is the ability to easily see whether a chosen friend, co-worker or "buddy" is online and connected through the selected service. Instant messaging differs from ordinary e-mail in the immediacy of the message exchange and also makes a continued exchange simpler than sending e-mail back and forth. 

Please contact the Help Desk at (805) 493-3698 or e-mail at prior to installing Trillian on your computer or mobile device.

Software Installation


  1. Log into Trillian and click on Get Trillian and select Free Download.
  2. Click on Run or Open when done to install the software.

  1. Click on Agree on the license agreement window.
  1. Click on Next on the 'Where would you like to install Trillian' window.
  1. Once it has been installed, click on Launch.
  1. Launch the program, click on Sign in using existing Trillian account.  
  2. Enter your CLU account information and click on Continue.
  • Username: type in your entire CLU email address
  • Password: enter you CLU password
  • Check off Remember password on this computer

Click on Sign in once you entered all the information.



  1. Click the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen to open the “Spotlight Search."
  2. Type “Self Service” and double-click on the first result, named “Self Service”. TIP: You can also find the Self Service app in your applications folder.
  3. Type your Cal Lutheran username and password, and click “Log In."
  4. Once logged in, find the “Trillian” app, and click “Install”. Another window will pop-up, in which you click “Install” one more time.
  5. You will see a progress bar at the top of the window. Once this completes, Trillian will be installed and will appear it your “Applications” folder. To locate your applications, go to “Go” at the top of the screen, then click on “Applications”.


  1. Tap on on the Google Play Store app and search for Trillian.
  2. Tap on the application and select Install.
  3. When the application has completed installing, tap on Accept in the bottom right corner.

  1. Tap on Open to launch the application.
  2. Tap on Sign in to enter your account information.
  3. Enter the following information:
  • Username: enter your CLU email address
  • Password: enter your CLU password

Tap on Sign in once you have entered your information.



  1. Tap on the App Store icon and search for Trillian.
  2. Tap on Get > Install.  You will be prompted to sign in to the iTunes Store.  Enter iTunes password and click OK.
  3. Once the app has downloaded, tap on the app and enter your CLU email address and password.  Tap on Sign in, in the upper right hand corner.