Faculty and staff Android setting for Exchange email

The steps may vary depending on the model of the Android phone, but the information for the setup remains the same.

  1. Open the Play Store app on your phone.

  2. Tap on the search bar

  3. Search for Microsoft Outlook in the search bar.

  4. Tap on the Install button to install the app.

  5. Next, go ahead and tap "Open" to start the app.

  6. Once the Outlook app starts, tap on the "Get Started" button.

  7. Tap on the Exchange icon.

  8. Tap on the Advanced Settings button.

  9. Fill out the boxes below with following information:

  • username@callutheran.edu
  • outlook.callutheran.edu
  • clunet.2k\username
  • password
  • Description is optional

Tap the Sign In button

  1. Your e-mails and calendars may take a while to load.  Once you arrive at the Inbox screen here, you're all set!  If you want to switch between mail and calendars, tap on the three-lined menu icon, the select whichever you want to see.