Work From Home Resources


(locking down your meetings from unwanted guests)

Zoom Security Updates - Changes in the Zoom toolbar

Zoom - Providing Screen Share to Participants

Zoom - Downloading the Client software

Zoom plugin for Outlook

Breakout Rooms

Zoom - Assigning Scheduling Privileges

Zoom Tutorial

Setting up Access to your Campus Drives - PC

Setting up Access to your Campus Drives - Mac

Password change issues when using a campus owned computer from home

Setting up Microsoft Office 365 at home

Setting up Outlook with your Cal Lutheran account

Changing your Signature in Outlook online

Using Mitel Connect to Answer your Office Phone from your Home Computer

Connecting to the VPN (Virtual Private Network)

             Change the default Duo authentication method

Trillian Instant Messenger 

(For Mac, PC, Android and iPhone)

Accessing Adobe Cloud