What's in your genes?


What's in your genes?

You might be thinking about getting one of the new DNA tests that are flooding the market. Wouldn't it be swell to find out what you're really made of? Well for $59 you can. Aside from the fact that the resulting data can sometimes upset the family apple cart; from an ITS perspective we have to wonder about the security of that data.
 Companies like MyHeritageDNA advertise 2.7 million profiles, AncestoryDNA advertises 4 million searchable records.  23andme has an extensive questionnaire about health, lifestyle habits and preferences and while it allows customers to skip any questions they choose to, they can be contributing a lot of personal detail with their DNA sample.
 They all promise to keep your data safe and secure as did Equifax. ITS would like to remind you to stop, think and connect the dots into the privacy you give away when you spit into a tube and send it off in the mail.

Crimewatch Bitcoin

Criminals don't typically own super computers. They would rather infect your devices with Trojans that make your system part of a Botnet. Millions of computers mining currency.  Your computer, your phone, any smart device can become part of a botnet. Notice that your device or network is running slow? You may already be mining crypto currency for someone else.


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