Today it's iTunes, tomorrow Amazon...Chipotle...


Today it's an iTunes card. Tomorrow Amazon, Chipotle...

Every year, as cyber crime intensifies, we encounter increasingly sophisticated efforts by criminals to exploit and circumvent our systems.
 Every one of us has to think like a hacker. Never send anyone money or your Pii (Personally identifiable information) unless you verify the recipient.
 ITS has doubled down on our efforts to teach best practices in CyberSecurity. Specifically, Spear-Phishing tries to fool us by using targeted messaging. During ITS faculty and staff orientations we focus on the examples that have struck pay-dirt here on campus. One particular example has yielded results twice (that we know of) and warrants our examination. Here's a case in point...


Ask yourself would you expect to get an email from Dan Kuntz or Chris Kimball full of grammatical errors?
Lets examine the indicators:

1) Address authentication
From: “Dr. DanKuntz” (non-CLU email)
 2) Spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax.

  • Kindly do these for me. (should be: kindly do THIS for me. However, your antennae should be going up when the first line expresses a sense of urgency)
  • I’m in a meeting and I will not be able to talk to you on phone. (Should be: on THE phone.", again adding to the sense of urgency.
  • can you confirm if you can get some? (and so on...)

 In our orientations to new employees, faculty and staff we use the word: “Triage".
 We have to triage every email we receive. This means to carefully examine each email to verify authenticity. On your mobile device this requires even more care.
 Here's the rub. We're always eager to respond to an email from our bosses. Sometimes so eager that we fail to recognize the warning signs.
 While most Cyber Security programs emphasize that humans are the weak link; we consider you the first line of defense. When you receive a suspect email -
 Stop. Think. Connect. 

  • Reach out to the supposed sender to confirm the email is legitimate.
  • Call the helpdesk @ x 3698 for immediate help.
  • Forward to: "".

The sooner you react, the sooner we can act.

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January 25, 2019 - Conditional Formatting & Named Cell Ranges
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 February 15, 2019 - Advanced Filtering

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