The Super Highway


There's a reason the internet is sometimes referred to as the "Super-Highway". The similarities between sitting behind the wheel, and sitting behind the computer are obvious. We rely on others to act rationally and safely. We trust that the driver signalling to make that left turn is not going to change their minds and pull into our lane. But on both the highway and the Super-Highway, we have to be prepared for those moments when those we depend on signal left and turn right. If you would like to hone your skills in safely navigating the net, we have a couple of workshops this month that you will want to attend.


Cybersecurity may not be all fun and Games. But part of it is.

Many of you have played Cyber Security Jeopardy which has made it's way around campus. To celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are introducing a brand-new Cyber Security game show that is fun and informative. "Sandy-Says" challenges your knowledge of Cyber Security best practices and arms the user with the most potent of all defenses - awareness. Sign up for one of 2 "Sandy-Says" game shows offered in October to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To sign up for Sandy-Says just click on a date and we'll save you a seat.
 Friday October 5th  - 11:00am to 12:00pm Pearson Library Room 130
 Friday October 12th- 11:00am to 12:00pm Pearson Library Room 130


Magic and CyberSecurity

CyberSecurity and Magic have a lot in Common. In cooperation with the Psychology department and Dr. Michael Gerson we have created a workshop that utilizes elements of slight-of-hand magic to help illustrate how the mind perceives illusions and reacts to the 4 elements that cyber crime exploits: 1) Fear 2) Greed 3) Helpfulness and 4) Trust.
 If you're interested in the neuroscience of magic, and by extension - the neuroscience of CyberSecurity; please check out either of 2 workshops we are presenting in October to round out our offerings for National CyberSecurity Awareness Month.
 To reserve a space, just click on either of the dates below and we'll send you a confirmation.
 Wednesday October 17th  - 11:00am to 12:00pm Pearson Library Room 130
 Wednesday October 24th- 11:00am to 12:00pm Pearson Library Room 130

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