The Nightmare Before Christmas


Important Information Regarding Adobe Products

Due to recent changes with the Adobe Licensing you may be getting an error that your Adobe Creative Suite or Acrobat are no longer licensed.
 To resolve this issue please go to the following location (on a PC  from the P drive, go to P:\Software\Adobe\CC2018_Serializer) and run the executable program:  AdobeSerialization.exe . This application will re-license your product for use.
 On a Mac, click on the self-service icon located on the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, the first item is the Adobe activation. Click on this icon and it will walk you through the process of updating your Adobe license.


These changes must be made on campus. If you have any questions, or require assistance call the ITS help desk at: X 3698

CLU Holiday Reminders

Set Your Holiday "Away" Messages
 Make sure you set your "Out of Office" Messages in Outlook and VoiceMail.
 For detailed instructions see the articles in Knowledge Owl:
 Recording your Out of Office Message
 Setting up Out of Office in Outlook
ITS Holiday hours are as follows
 The Cal Lutheran Help Desk will be open through December 21st from 7am to 5pm. Normal hours of operation will resume at 7am on January 2nd, 2019.
 Emails and phone calls to the help desk will be monitored on a daily basis. System-wide problems will be addressed by our on-call personnel, while Help desk requests impacting individual accounts or workstations will be logged and prioritized and addressed beginning January 2nd.
ITS Maintenance
 As the year comes to a close there are still some technical housekeeping items that ITS staff need to conduct to maintain the reliability and security of Cal Lutheran’s systems. Currently, network maintenance is scheduled for December 21,2018.
 All scheduled maintenance will be posted on the "Network Status" link on the MyCLU login page.

Happy Holidays from the ITS team

Tis the Season to be Careful

Online fraud has seasonal trends and the holidays are prime time for threat actors. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you make it though the holidays unscathed.
 Monitor your accounts: Activate fraud alerts like new payee, money withdrawal, high value credit card transaction, insurance claim submitted, use of hospitality loyalty points, etc.
 Take advantage of multi-factor authentication (MFA): Whether selfie pay, biometrics, or one-time password, utilize a platform’s native MFA capabilities as they’re harder to hack.
 Take inventory of all connected devices: We now live in a connected world and need to adapt to it. When receiving a new device, start by changing the default user names and passwords, installing security updates and turning off the device when not in use.
 Resist the click: This evergreen advice never gets old. Whether a text, email or social media promotion, avoid clicking on something from a sender you don’t know.
 Back it up: Many phishing attempts are now linked to ransomware. That is why it is especially important to back up data offline.

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