The Anthem data breach and what it means to you

 March 5, 2015

The Anthem insurance data breach announced in February compromised the data of over 80 Million people insured or employed by Anthem, by far the most extensive data breach announced to date. How did this happen and how could it impact you?

Anthem’s email servers received an inordinate amount of Phishing emails in late January, part of a concerted effort in gaining access to Anthem servers. Tech Bytes has been warning about responding to Phishing attempts and how not to be a victim of these attempts for years. Phishing attempts are getting more sophisticated and persistent. With few exceptions, the Cal Lutheran community has been good about not responding to them. In Anthem’s case, the Phishing campaign netted some key accounts and passwords, at least one of which with access to a database containing 80 Million records. If you have been a member of Anthem insurance since 2004, Anthem has set up a site to request identity monitoring service at

* As a reminder, when you are one any web site prompting you for a username and password, regardless if it’s a Cal Lutheran site or your bank, always first double check the address bar to make sure you are on the site you want to be. If you follow a link from an email and are entering your login information on a page that looks like a Cal Lutheran login page, but the address bar displays, you have landed on a phishing site.

According to Anthem site, Anthem is also known as Blue Cross Blue Shield. While Blue Cross and Blue Shield are related in most states, they are separate entities in California.  Because of this separation in California, (Blue Shield is one of Cal Lutheran’s health insurers), according to Anthem, as a Blue Shield of California member, your data was not compromised by this breach. However, if you had Anthem (Wellpoint and Blue Cross) coverage during the past ten years at another job or through a family member’s coverage, you might consider whether your data has been compromised. Additionally, if you used your Blue Shield of California coverage outside of California, you are encouraged to register with Anthem’s credit monitoring service at

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