Tech Expo 2017

Announcing the "ITS Cyber Smart" Awards.
 The ITS Cyber Smart awards are given periodically to worthy individuals on our campus who have forcefully but politely "read the riot act" to hackers. Today’s awards go to one faculty and one staff member who gave an earful during our annual social engineering test. Not only did they not fall for the social engineering attempt, these intrepid employees took the opportunity give the hacker an earful. To Cindy Grether and Karen Renick applause from the ITS staff and a $15 Starbucks card - great job! 

We've Heard it All Before...


Every time you see an email with the words  "Cyber Security" in the subject line, you may roll your eyes and think "Doesn't ITS have something else to talk about?
 In each training you attend it's the same short list. "Don't click on suspicious links, don't leave your system unattended, don't share your password, don't download unfamiliar software" We get it! Even the cybersecurity professionals agree that it all comes down to common sense. OK educators among us; how easy is it to teach common sense?
 A computer system is complex, not unlike the human body. Both systems require that a huge number of processes go right. The analogue of course is that only ONE thing has to go wrong. Maybe we can't teach common sense, but we can give you a framework for managing the security risk. Just like your body, only ONE thing has to go wrong. And by extension, if one thing does go wrong, it can be terminal.
 In each Techbyte we will add one Cyber Security tip to your awareness. So every month, take a moment and read the tip.  Maybe, just maybe it will be the ONE tip that can prevent the ONE thing from going wrong.
 This week's CyberSecurity Tip: Your intuition is our greatest security asset. If you think you just received a suspecious email, before you delete, forward it to: ""

On the Road Again
 You've heard the warnings: "Never use an unsecured wireless network when you are traveling." Why? Because there's no security. None, zip, zilch, nada, niechts. And unless you have told it not to, your computer is going to try to grab on to any open wireless like a Schnauser to a bone.
 In case you do accidently logon to an open network it's best to be prepared. Instead of laying out all your data like a smorgesbord on a Norwegian cruise, simply don't keep critical files or data on your machine. They can't hack, what they can't track.
 Next time you travel, keep your critical files on a thumbdrive. Keep the drive in your pocket or purse. When you need the data - it's secure. Just in case you simply can't resist a bone.
 One last thing - never use a public computer (hotel lobby, public library, other) to logon to your CLU account. The browser cache is just waiting for a hacker to stop and shop. 

Tech Expo 2017
 Here are some pictures from the ITS Tech Expo 2017. Our attendence for the second annual Tech Expo doubled. If you missed it we'll be back again next season with more VR, more classroom technologies, more fun, more games and BIG surprises. 

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Microsoft Excel Training: Basic Excel
 Just the basics. Wheather you're a seasoned Excel pro, or a newbie, reviewing the basics always pays dividends.
 Tuesday, March 28th, 11:00 - 11:45  Pearson Library computer lab 130
 Friday, March 31st, 11:00 - 11:45  Pearson Library computer lab 130
 Sign up on the HR Staff Development site