Quarantine Reports

In July, ITS began routing email through Google’s spam filter. This move drastically decreased the amount of Spam delivered to campus mailboxes. Unfortunately, Google is discontinuing the Message Center where employee can access their quarantined emails. While email will still be routed through Google, beginning on September 26, 2019, emails marked by Google as either Spam or Phishing will be routed to the Junk folder within Outlook, eliminating the need to visit the Message Center or receive a daily quarantine report.
If you receive an unwanted email, simply click on the "Junk" icon in the desktop version of Outlook, or right click on an email in Outlook online.  Any items you mark as "junk" will sync to both the desktop and online versions of Outlook.
 Please take a moment to watch this short video for more details.


New Updates to Classroom Tech.

          Ullman 100
           Ullman 101
           Ullman 103
           Ullman 104
           Swenson 101
           Swenson 102
           GSFC 253
           GSFC 254
           Humanities 106
           Humanities 108
           Humanities 109
           Humanities 112

Humanities 113
 Humanities 114
 Humanities 116
 Humanities 117
 Humanities 118
 Peters 101
 Peters 106
 Kingsman Room
 Woodland Hills 117
 Woodland Hills 119
 Woodland Hills 123
 Woodland Hills 124

Important Changes in Adobe Licensing

All Adobe products now require an Adobe ID to launch. Any Adobe ID (free or paid) will launch Adobe products on the lab computers. If you or a student do not have an Adobe ID they wish to use, please use the following credentials to login to any Adobe product. Thanks!
 Password: Callutheran123


New Zoom Quick Start Guide


More 30 minute Microsoft classes

PowerPoint in 30 Minutes Classes
 10/04/19   A Publishing and Design tool
 10/18/19   Tips, Tricks and Time-savers
 11/08/19   Microsoft Outlook Calendar 


Pearson Library lab 130. 11:30am to noon.

Lunch is provided. To guarantee a spot send an email to:

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Jokes from the bulletin board

If Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, the Mona Lisa would have been called: IMG-202220-00463.jpg

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