Outlook Web Access privacy

November 6, 2014

What is Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows you access your Cal Lutheran email (Microsoft Exchange mailbox) from any computer with an Internet connection. With any web browser, too! In fact, you can do many of the same things you can do with Microsoft Outlook, such as read and send messages, organize contacts, create tasks and rules, schedule appointments, and access public folders.

 You can access your e-mail online through OWA by visiting outlook.callutheran.edu or by logging into the MyCLU Portal page at callutheran.edu/myclu and clicking on the Outlook tab.

 OWA and privacy on public computers

OWA has the option of choosing a "private" computer or a "public" computer. This option is available at the login screen, just below the password field. If you select "private" you will be able to stay connected for a much longer period of time. It is not recommended that you select "private" if you are on a public computer. 

 To help protect your mailbox from unauthorized access, Outlook Web Access (OWA) automatically closes its connection to your mailbox after a period of inactivity. This is particularly important if you use OWA from a public-access computer. If your session expires and you still need to use OWA, refresh your browser and log on again.

 Regularly deleting your cache (browsing history) helps protect your privacy, especially if you are using a public computer.  Here are some shortcuts for deleting your cache from different web browsers.

·         Firefox - CTRL+Shift+Del

·         Chrome - CTRL+H

·         Internet Explorer - CTRL+Shift+Del

·         Safari – Unlike other browsers, Safari does not offer short cuts for deleting your cache. But it can still be done pretty quickly! Open Safari and click on “Safari” in the menu field. Select “Reset Safari.”  Check off the items you want cleared and then click “Reset.”

 As always, when using the Internet especially with WiFi, be sure to use a trusted network to prevent any breaches to your account.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Help Desk at 805-493-3698 or helpdesk@callutheran.edu.