Outlook PC configuration for off campus access for staff and faculty

  1. In your computer, go to Start, then Control Panel, then select the Mail icon.

  2. In the E-mail Accounts window, select Add a New Email Account radio button.

  3. In the Server Type window, select Microsoft Exchange Server, and click Next.

  4. In the Email Account Window, enter TOEXCH01.clunet.2k for the Microsoft Exchange Server.

  5. User Name: enter your Cal Lutheran username

  6. Still within the Email Accounts window, click More Settings.  An error message will appear indicting "The action could not be completed..." Click OK.

  7. In the Microsoft Exchange Server Window, click Cancel.

  8. In the next Microsoft Exchange Server Window, click on the Connection Tab.

  9. Check box Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP.

  10. Click on Exchange Proxy Settings.

  11. In the Connection settings connection, enter outlook.callutheran.edu in the Use this URL to connect... window.

  12. Leave only Connect using SSL checked.

  13. Check both On fast networks.. and On slow networks...

  14. In the Proxy authentication settings section, select Basic Authentication from the drop-down menu.  Click OK.

  1. Click OK on the Microsoft Exchange Server Window.

  2. Click Check Name on the Email Accounts window.

  3. In the Windows Security pop-up window, enter clunet.2k\yourCLUusername.

  4. Enter your password, check off 'Remember my credentials,' click OK.

  5. If authenticated, the Check Name button in the Email Accounts window is grayed out and your username in underlined. Click Next and click Finish in the congratulations screen.  If not, you'll get the "The action could not be completed..." error.  Check settings; if the problem is not resolved, please call the Help Desk.