October is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month

Every October we bring awareness to the things you can do to protect your online security. Most Techbytes highlight the security of your Cal Lutheran accounts, however you should also pay attention to your social media accounts as well. If you haven't checked your online security settings in a while, use these links to review your security settings for popular social media applications.

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Snapchat - YouTube - Facebook - LinkedIn
 Pinterest - Twitter - Reddit - Tumbler 

Scam 'O the Month

It's called "Fleeceware" -  You find a handy little app on the Play Store and you spend $2.99 to avoid ads. What you may not notice is that the app is licensed under a "trial license period". As soon as the license expires (usually in just a few days) you are billed for the fully functioning version. In some cases up to $250.00. It exploits a hole in Google's app contract and the remedy so far from Google is to remove these apps as they are identified. 

"VidGrid" A new lecture recording platform

“VidGrid is a lecture recording platform that integrates with Blackboard, allowing you to easily caption, edit, and ad quizzes to your recorded lectures. Aside from Blackboard, videos captured in VidGrid can be published as stand-alone, or embedded in Google apps etc.
 If you are interested in getting a license, please contact Kaitlin Hodgdon at Digital learning via email khodgdon@callutheran.edu


More 30 minute Microsoft classes

Google in 30 Minutes Classes
(Because of the number of differences between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for PC, we are moving on to the Google Apps)
 11/8/19   Google Docs
 11/22/19 Google Sheets
 12/6/20   Google Slides


Pearson Library lab 130. 11:30am to noon.

Lunch is provided. To guarantee a spot send an email to: dwarrick@callutheran.edu

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Jokes from the bulletin board

My computer just gave me an “error 404" message, which can’t be right because I know I’ve made way more errors than that.

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