October is CyberSecurity Awareness Month


October is, among other things, Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As with any other month of the year, scammers are out in force with new scams on Social Media, email, or on the phone. To thwart their attempts, ITS encourages you to:
1. Consider the source: check to see who the communication is coming from.
2. Make sure the message is indeed coming from the source: e.g., is it really coming from the IRS, irs.gov, or is it coming from irs.gov.com?
3. And, if you have any doubts, contact the Cal Lutheran Help Desk at 805-493-3119 or helpdesk@callutheran.edu to verify the integrity of the communication. 
New scams involve Coronavirus and since it’s an election year, voter registration scams, where a caller might claim your registration information needs to be confirmed (this would apply to mail-in ballots as we approach election day).
 Keep in mind that successful scammers create a sense of urgency or tug on your emotions to get you to suspend disbelief and hand over your personal information or credentials. 


Voter Registration Phishing Scam

Email purportedly coming from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (not an actual government agency) states: "Voter registration application details couldn't be confirmed" and provides a link to a spoofed webpage that steals a variety of personal information including DOB, SSN, and Driver's license data. These emails contain a lack of capitalization as well as poor spelling and grammar. Please be aware that phishing campaigns like this are on the rise as we come closer to the election. If you have any questions about voting, go to the California Secretary of State website:
 And/or the FBI's elections and security website:


State Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Criminals are using stolen identities of U.S. citizens to open accounts and file fraudulent claims for unemployment insurance. Individuals who have had their identities abused in this way may have no knowledge that criminals have applied for benefits using their name; they may only discover that they have become a victim of this crime when they attempt to file an unemployment benefits application and or receive a notice that an unemployment claim has already been submitted in their name. If you are effected, contact the California Department of Labor.
 PPE - Be aware that there has been a rash of phishing campaigns offering to sell personal protective equipment. Always check Google to see if the company is legitimate.
 For more information, go to the DHS site


ITS 30 Minute Classes

Our last class looked at Power Query in Excel.  Excel users spend 80% of their time cleaning up spreadsheets. Power Query can nip that in the bud. Check out the video
 Our next class on October 23rd will cover Mac OS Catalina.
 For more information, or to be added to the distribution list, send an email to dwarrick@callutheran.edu


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