National CyberSecurity Awareness Month

October marks the 13th National Cyber Security Awareness Month, an online safety awareness and education effort led by the National Cyber Security Alliance.

This year we are adopting the phrase: "Stop.Think.Connect.TM "The originators of this mantra have a fantastic site full of insights and useful information to keep us more secure. Please check out their site at:

 From the Educause website this month - "As technology advances and we connect to more people and things online, cyber attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated. Educational institutions store many kinds of valuable student and employee information, which can be valuable to cybercriminals. It is important for everyone on campus at a college or university to take steps to protect themselves online – and make the Internet more secure for everyone."

 The moral of the story, is that we are individually responsible for the security of every user. Stop and think before you connect.