Out of Office Replies for Summer

As you get ready to leave for vacation this year, don’t forget to set your Out-of-Office greetings for voicemail and email accounts. ITS suggests making a notation on your calendar to remove out-of-office messages when you return to work. For information on setting up your email and voicemail, see our article on Knowledge Owl:
 Setting up Out-of-Office auto replies.
 Also, here's a Sandy "To-Do" reminder video

Enjoy your summer wherever it takes you.

Google Apps will open Microsoft files

There's exciting news for Google apps. Google will soon (this month they say) be making a major change to their apps. Previously you couldn't open a document in your Google Drive with the actual app that created it. For instance, if you had a Microsoft Word document in your drive, Google would only open it with Google Docs.
 The exciting announcement from Google is that in the next update you will be able to open ALL Microsoft files in the original application. You won't even have to have the Microsoft applications on the computer your are using.

Not even your voicemail is safe

Social engineering is constantly evolving and we try to keep you informed about the latest threat. Please be aware that direct phone solicitation is on the rise. One received on campus the other day represented themselves as the IRS and threatened suspension of their social security number.You call a number and they quickly extract your most personal information.
 Please be aware that a call or voicemail from the IRS  or other government agency might be fraudulent. It is always best to double check with the actual authority before you respond.

More 30 minute Excel quick courses

 May 24th – More IF functions, Track Changes
June 14th – Filled Maps, Network Days Function, Advanced Select
June 28th – Quick Analysis, Forecast Sheet, Insert Screen Shot

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