Advanced Zoom Features

Here are some recent Knowledge Owl articles on some of the advanced features in ZOOM.
 Zoom - Assigning Scheduling Privileges
 Zoom - Polling
 Zoom - Breakout Rooms
 Zoom - Virtual Backgrounds
 Zoom - Waiting Rooms


Working with Tech at Home

By now we’re getting used to the routine of working from home. Here are some ITS hints that might also help.
 1. Housekeeping - especially if you are working from your personal PC, housekeeping can be an issue. Remember how busy your computer desktop was on your work computer? You can bet that when trying to combine work and home on the same system your workspace can become cluttered. Take time to make folders, keep your desktop clean and lean. Stay organized.
 2. Turn your system off at the end of your day (Rather than sleep mode). Starting with a fresh boot can minimize problems like programs going inactive after remaining idle (like the VPN).
 3. Take a step back. Working from home, it's easy to stay glued to your monitor and white knuckle your mouse for 8 hours without noticing. Step away occasionally and let your eyes, your mind and your knuckles relax.



In higher education, ransomware is a serious threat. As a reminder from past Techbytes, Ransomware can lock up and encrypt all the files you have access to until the ransom is paid or you decide to re-install your computer from scratch. Not only can ransomware effect a single computer, but can affect every computer connected to the campus network.
 We have safeguards on campus-owned computers to protect from Ransomware. This may not be the case with your home computer. We ask you to be extra vigilant clicking on links in emails you did not expect, and pay special attention to the web site addresses that are returned when running an online search. Do you really want to click on that link?
 Another good idea when using your personal PC, is not to keep work files on your hard drive.  Keep your working files on your U and V drives and create shortcuts to access these files from your PC. This way if your system goes down, your work files can be easily recovered. If you are not connecting through the VPN, consider saving your work files frequently to your Google Drive.


As a reminder, the Cal Lutheran Help Desk is staffed and operational. If you have any questions or concerns about IT related matters or a suspicious email, don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk at 805-493-3698 or

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