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Pearson Streaming Movies Collection 
Watch streaming movies during spring break.According to Tennyson, "in the Spring a young person's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of... Movies! The Pearson Library has a fantastic collection of films online and available for immediate viewing. From classic titles like"Cyrano de Burgerac", and "Great Expectations", to a huge array of educational, historic and independent films. There are literally hundreds of films in the collection and you can watch them all online. To start browsing the collection, login with your CLU credentials at:  Pearson Library Film Catalogue - Online video Learning
 Learn subjects from photography to web development during spring break. was founded in 1995 in Ojai, as online support for the books and classes of Lynda Weinman. By 2004 there were 100 courses. Today on linda you will find 234,997 training videos produced by some of the best trainers in the business. While primarily devoted to software and technology, you will find training on Photography, video, audio and animation. For the latest from lynda check out our monthly lynda links below. The best news is, you have complete access to all their training, Oh, and BTW the retail value is $300. per year.
Rosetta Stone - Language Program
 Learn a language during spring break! Rosetta Stone is the premier language learning site on the planet. We all think about studying a second language, and Rosetta is a great way to get started. Whether you are a beginner or advance student of any language (and I do mean any - how about learning Tagalog, or Swahili or Urdu? Some of the more obscure languages like Spanish, French, German and English are also available.
Gartner - Tech info and Research
 For the technically inclined, hone your IT knowledge during spring break. Here's one I bet you haven't click on yet. The Gartner site is a great place to go for the latest in Ed and Ed-Tech. Here's a great article highly recommended by CIO, Zareh Marselian. 


    10 Common Security Awareness Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
 Gartner maintains a huge library of articles on contemporary education and pedagogy. Well worth your time to kick the tires.
 And of course, for the latest in highly condensed 30 second tech training starring our favorite IT mascot "Sandy" check out the latest episode "Triage"


Winners of the Google Cyber-Challenge

For those of you who took the Google Cyber-Challenge last month, here are the winners:
 Anna Prado
 Ryan Kolter
 Christina Helm
 Luke Tabor

 Drop by the circulation desk in the library any time and ask for Don. He will proudly present you with your Bluetooth earbuds.

More 30 minute quick courses

Our Excel in 30 minutes (or your spreadsheet is free) classes have been a great success. There are still a few spots open for the following classes. Be sure to send an email to: to reserve a spot.
 March 22, 2019 - Advanced Transpose / Flash Fill / Hide Cells
 April 5, 2019 - Remove Duplicates / Paste Special Values
 April 26, 2019 - Absolute v/s Relative cell addresses / SUMIFS Function
 Lunch is provided.

Google Drive and Video Storage

Speaking of movies, did you know that you can store unlimited video on your CLU Google drive? And even better yet, you can stream directly from Google Drive. 

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