CLU Resources for Working Off Campus

During this time when many employees are transitioning to work-at-home, there are several tools that will enable you to work remotely with your colleagues including,

  • VPN (Virtual Private Networking) to access restricted resources.
  • Phone forwarding to forward your campus phone to your cell or home phone.
  • Voicemails are now being forwarded to your email.
  • Trillian which is the chat product that we use on campus. 
  • Changing your Phone State Remotely.

Virtual Private Network - VPN

Using the Cal Lutheran VPN allows you to work offsite if you need access to services such as the (U & V) drives and colleague UI.
 Only individuals with specific needs to access restricted applications such as Colleague, Control Panel, Perceptive Content or Terminal Server; or have a need to have read-write access to the campus shared drives (U, V & P drives) should be using the VPN service.
 Please note that you will not need VPN access if you are only accessing email and MyCLU.
 For complete instructions, go to: 
Setting up your VPN 

Forwarding your Campus Phone to your Cell Phone

For instructions on forwarding your campus phone to your Cellphone, click on the image below.


Remember, you can also access your voicemail from off campus by phone.

  • Dial (805) 493-3700
  • Enter your extension number
  • Enter your voicemail password and press #

Voicemails are now being Forwarded to your Email

All campus phone extensions now automatically send an email message to your Cal Lutheran email account when a voicemail is received. This will include a transcript of the voice mail, as well as an audio file to listen to the message. Deleting the email will not remove the voicemail from your campus phone.

Trillian Instant Messaging 

As more of us work from home in the coming weeks, one way to stay connected with team members is to use instant messaging or chat software.
 ITS encourages you to use Trillian for your team
. Trillian is used by over 35 departments on campus. Please contact the helpdesk to create a Trillian group for your team. The installation instructions can be found at:
 Trillian Instant Messaging


Changing Your Phone State Remotely

Your phone is capable of different states from the "State" button on your phone, including, 

  • Available
  • In a Meeting
  • Out of Office
  • Vacation
  • Custom

You may need to change your campus phone state remotely. To do this, follow these instructions:
 Changing your campus phone state from home

Hackers are using Corona Virus Maps to Inject Malware

Hackers are trying to leverage a global crisis for financial gain. They are using both email and social media to get people to go to fake Corona virus maps. If you go to a fraudulent site and click anywhere, your system could be infected by malware that steals data like login credentials and banking information.
 If you are tracking the virus as most of us are, always make sure you use respected sites. Here are some links that are safe to use.
 World Health Organization
 NBC New York
 New York Times Dashboard

Virtual Training session via Zoom

We are currently planning virtual training sessions using Zoom on the following topics. If you would like to be included in these sessions, please send an email to

  • Working from Home
  • Accessing the VPN
  • Zoom Teleconferencing
  • Changing your Campus Phone Settings

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