Do you know what your iPhone is doing while you sleep?

When we download an app and accept the software agreement, what are we really agreeing to? Whether you read the fine print or not, you are giving permission to app vendors to share data collected by the app… most app vendors can and do turn around and sell your data to third parties, and it’s perfectly legal. Recent articles about iPhone apps in particular have shed light on how active your phone is while you sleep. One (free) app in particular shares your data with nine different data exchanges (selling data) all while you think your phone is doing nothing but charging. So what can you do? Watch the video below.


New way to handle "Nuisance" calls

As with your home and cell phones, Cal Lutheran is experiencing an increase in the number of spoofed, spam and robocalls to the campus phone system. In response, ITS has installed a nuisance call handler, which can help block future unwanted calls. Most mobile phones have a feature to block individual caller. To request a phone number be blocked, please email the Help Desk (helpdesk@callutheran.edu) with the phone number, time and date of the call(s) and the reason to block the number. ITS will investigate reported numbers before blocking them.
 If you are receiving harassing or threatening phone calls, please contact Campus Safety (805-493-3911 or 805-493-3208)

Google Docs Tutorial

Google Docs is next up in our series of training videos for the Google suite of applications. Docs is versatile, lightweight, and most importantly, a real-time collaborative tool. 


More 30 minute Excel classes

6/28/19 Data Entry Limits, Insert Screenshot, Quick Analysis
 7/12/19 Track Changes , IFERROR
 7/26/19 Embedding, Goal Seek
Pearson Library lab 130. 11:30am to noon.
 Lunch is provided. To guarantee a spot send an email to: dwarrick@callutheran.edu

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