Jaime Casap - Global Education Evangelist for Google

Jaime Casap,
Global Education Evangelist for Google

3:00 - 4:00 pm Samuelson Chapel  
 "Iteration and Innovation in Higher Education"
 Jaime Casap, the Global Education Evangelist for Google will present at the Samuelson Chapel from 3-4 pm. Jaime will discuss his personal story growing up in single parent household in Hell’s Kitchen to his current role at Google and weave his experiences with changes in technology and education in the digital age, in a presentation titled “Iteration and Innovation in Higher Education”.
 "Don't ask a student what she wants to be when she grows up, ask her what problem she wants to solve...then give her the environment to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities she needs to solve that problem!"
 For those who cannot be on the Thousand Oaks campus, Jaime Casap's presentation can be seen live and will be archived at http://www.callutheran.edu/live

Tech Displays and Demonstrations
 1:00 - 4:30 pm - Pearson Library

ITS is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Tech Expo, a technology show and tell providing hands-on experiences with the latest products from vendors such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and more. In addition to new products, the Electronics Expo will also include technologies currently used in our classrooms and showcase student projects.

An update on fraudulent tax returns
 As you might recall, there were reports of fraudulent tax filings on behalf of Cal Lutheran employees in 2016.  ITS conducted its own investigation and contracted with an external investigator who interviewed affected employees and collected pertinent information. Neither internal investigations nor the external investigation revealed a strong correlation between the breached data and Cal Lutheran. Two of the affected employees obtained copies of the tax returns fraudulently filed on their behalf. Although this could be a months-long process, we encourage all tax return victims to obtain a copy of the fraudulent return. Among other mismatches the obtained forms showed highly incorrect earnings and taxes paid information, and just as importantly included accurate information which does not exist on our systems.
 Fraudulent filers gain access to your Social Security Number, name, address and employer information through a variety of means and file on your behalf before you do. In the process they claim a refund which is typically deposited into a pre-paid credit card. The perpetrator subsequently drains the funds and vanishes. When your return is subsequently filed, the IRS notifies you by letter (never by email or phone call) that someone else has already filed. With more than 50 Million California records compromised in recent years, think Target, Wellpoint (Blue Cross/Shield), UC system, etc., more and more Californians’ records are loose on the internet.
 The IRS is slowing the pace of refunds this this year to catch some of these fraudulent filings when the legitimate filer submits theirs. Our recommendation is to file as early as you can.
 Zareh Marselian

This Week's Links
 Online 3D Design and Printing   ~ Vicki Danko

How Secure is Your Password? ~ Cristina Mendez
 JFK Centenial Celbration~ Vicki Danko


Microsoft Word Basics
 Interested in polishing up your Word skills? This 45 minute quick-course is a great place to pick up new tips and tricks to improve work-flow and effeciency when working in Word.
 Monday February 27th, 11:00 - 11:45 Pearson Library Computer Lab 130
 Friday March 3rd, 11:00 - 11:45 Pearson Library Computer Lab 130
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