How to forward your Shoretel phone calls to your cell phone

  1. Press the Mode button and select Custom.
  2. Press the Option button and enter your voice message password followed by the # sign or press the OK button
  3. The Call Handling option should be highlighted in blue, press the Edit button.  It is going to take you back to the Call Handling mode options, Custom should be highlighted.  Press the Edit button once more.
  4. Scroll to Always Destination, there should be a four digit number in that field, press the Backspace button to clear it and enter 1 the area code and phone number of your cell.

In order for you to receive the call to your cell, you will need to be in the Custom Mode.  Simple press the Mode button and select Custom.  Whenever you want to stop the calls from going to your cell phone, press the Mode button and select Standard in order for the calls to ring in your Shoretel phone.