Here Comes Summer


Out of Office Replies for Summer

As you get ready to leave for summer break, don’t forget to set your Out-of-Office greetings for voicemail and email accounts. ITS suggests making a notation on your calendar to remove out-of-office messages upon return to work. For information on setting up your email and voicemail, see our article on Knowledge Owl: 

Setting up Out-of-Office Replies for Summer


Get Ready for 11 Digit Dialing


Every few decades Californians add a new area code to accommodate growth and that time is here again. Beginning June 2, 2018 the 805 area code will add the 820 area code for new customers. While this doesn’t change the area code for Cal Lutheran phone numbers, it will mean we all have to dial 11 digits including the "1", even if you are just calling your next door neighbor. Remember the change goes into effect June 2 '18

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