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Computer Hygene

This month’s main topic was suggested by Armik Allen of Advancement Services.
 Yes, we do take suggestions:  How do you keep your computer clean?
 "Computer hygiene" 

1) Keeping your computer clean from malware and infection
 2) Clean from clutter and debris
 3) Clean from unsupported software

Keeping your system clean from Malware
 is about never opening an unexpected email or clicking on an unverified link or
 attachment. Forward all spam or suspected emails to
 If you think your computer is infected, call or email the help desk or 805-493-3698.

Keeping your system clean from clutter
and debris means organizing your desktop and your files and making sure your data is backed-up. Keep critical work files on network drives such as the U (personal) and V (shared) drives. 
Keeping your system clean from unsupported software
means using only approved applications. For a complete list of supported software,
 go to:


Want to learn how to keep your system running clean? Sign up for our free Computer Hygiene Workshop on Monday July 30 from 10:30 to 11:30 in Pearson Computer Lab 130. For more information or to reserve a space,
 send an email to:

Rise of Malicious Phishing emails

While spam and phishing emails abound, ITS has noticed a spike in malicious Phishing emails. A couple of variants have been spotted recently, 1) Executive Phishing, where an email appearing to come from say the President of Cal Lutheran asks you to open an attachment and provide your credentials to view a file. 2) Extortion emails, where the sender purports to know secrets about you and will make them public to your friends and family unless you transfer a tidy sum to a Bitcoin account.
 Please do not reply to these emails, forward them to, and if there’s any doubt you might have inadvertently logged into a Phishing site, change your password first on the MyCLU login page, then contact the help desk.

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