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August 2017

Summers are busy at Cal Lutheran, and this one was no exception. As with all your departments, there are many changes that go on behind the scenes at ITS that, like a good haircut, most will never notice. Below are some service changes and offerings we would like to highlight. 

As a reminder, please do not hesitate to contact the Cal Lutheran helpdesk with your technology requests. Submit  your inquiries to or for more immediate needs call 805-493-3698 or x3698 from any campus phone. You can also follow us on Twitter for more current IT news and tips @CLUhelpdesk.

Password Change Process

Those of you who have changed your password in the last month probably noticed that the MyCLU Password Change process now includes a 30-second video PSA on security. The cyber security videos are aimed at cybersecurity awareness in an effort to curb the number of compromised accounts on campus. A new video will play at every password change interval.

Blackboard Organizations

With the retirement of the Blackboard Community module, the My Organizations section of Blackboard has moved to the top right of the portal home page. You will not find a Communities tab within Blackboard Learn, however, My Organizations portlet will be easily accessible from the home page of the portal.

Software, Gratis!

Microsoft Office 365 is offered free to students, faculty and staff of educational institutions. You may install Office 365 on five computers and five mobile devices. Please visit Office 365 FAQ page for additional information.

As a reminder, Google Apps for Education is also available to every Cal Lutheran faculty, staff and students, including an unlimited storage Google drive. Your Google Apps can be accessed from the MyCLU portal in the aptly named Google Apps section.

Educause membership and research is now available free to all Cal Lutheran staff and faculty by using your Cal Lutheran email address to sign up. Educause is the leading IT organization for Higher Education institutions. In addition to research and insights, Educause helps peers connect and collaborate. The Educause brochure will help introduce benefits to you, and create free a profile here. 

A better future - As a reminder, two very powerful platforms, training and Rosetta Stone language software are available to all employees and students of Cal Lutheran. These can be found in the resources section of the MyCLU portal.

New Computing facilities                                                                                                                                        

Aside from usual slate of summer upgrades, there are now three additional instructional computer lab spaces on the main campus. In the coming days the new William Rolland Art Center will contain a stationary Mac computer teaching lab and a mobile Mac computer cart that can be moved throughout the building. Additionally, a new Windows computer lab has been installed in D10, adding to the instructional computing pool of computers on campus. Two new electronic classrooms will be coming online shortly in Humanities 124 and Humanities 105.

The new PLTS campus in Berkeley has also been equipped with three electronic classrooms and a fully electronic worship space with Webinar and video conferencing capabilities.

This week’s links                                                                                                                                                      

Will Robots take my job?  Select a job title and look at the probability that it will be done by robots in the future. - courtesy Vicki Danko

Have I been pwned? – Do you wonder which of your online accounts have been compromised? - courtesy Zareh Marselian

Animal videos - courtesy Vicki Danko

And remember, no one from ITS will ever ask you for your password.

Zareh Marselian


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