No, Your CLU Email Has Not Been Suspended

For many months we have been evangelizing about SpearPhishing email and how sophisticated Cyber-Crime has become. Many of you received the following email. This is a highly targeted, deftly prepared attempt to steal your credentials.


A criminal went to great lengths to identify us personally. We are a real target and email like these get more "real" looking every day.
 Many of you sent us this email and some of you followed the link provided. Please realize that CLU is not immune. Higher education is one of the most targeted industries. It only takes one successful attempt to hold our entire connected community at ransom.
 It's also worth a reminder that no one at CLU will ever ask you to purchase gift cards on their behalf (another common scam).

Spend the time to scrutinize every email. If you even have a remote suspicion that it is not legitimate, send it immediately to spam@callutheran.edu, we can completely remove them from all campus systems as soon as we are notified.

Beware Of New Texting Scam That Looks Like A FedEx Tracking Notification

Ever get a delivery from FedEx? They will even send you a convenient text message to let you know your package is on the way. This is also one of the latest scams. If you receive a FedEx notification that sends you to an Amazon survey that promises you a reward for filling it out. Please beware, it's one of the latest scams on the street to separate you from your personal information. 

Stick a Computer in Your Eye


At CES this year, a startup company demonstrated a contact lens with a "Heads-Up" screen built in. It has a resolution of 14,000 ppi (the iPhone is 326 ppi) both image and motion sensors, image stabilization and zoom.
 Currently it is only a prototype and requires an external power supply but a working unit was being demo'd. Designed for people with low sight, it portends a future where the dream of Google Glass could be sitting in the saline on your night stand.

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