Faculty/Staff Exchange iOS email setup

  1. Open Mail Settings

To set up e-mail on the iPhone or iPod touch for the first time, from the main Home screen, touch the Mail icon located in the bottom row of icons.


if you're adding an additional account, tap on the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  1. To add an account, tap Mail > Contacts > Calendars

  1. Select Add Account and then select Exchange

  1. On the Exchange screen you will enter the following:

Email: Your CLU username@callutheran.edu

Password: Your CLU password

Description:  This is optional.  You change it to anything that you desire.

  1. Your device will now try to locate the Exchange server..

Server: outlook.callutheran.edu

Domain: clunet.2k

Username: Your CLU Username

  1. Go into the Advanced Settings by selecting your email account and scroll to the bottom.  Turn on the Use SSL.