June 18, 2015

Summer is a good time to de-clutter and pickup good computing habits. While it’s nice to have access to years of email, cleaning up your email and shared drives is important in speeding up your computing experience and preserve Cal Lutheran’s budget for server and backup. Here are some steps that can improve the computing experience for all of us.

  • Take a look at your shared and personal drives (U and V drives for most of you) to see which files are obsolete.
  • If your Outlook Email is acting sluggish, chances are your mailbox is getting too big. Thousands of emails and attachments will make your computer and our servers work harder to present and sync your email to your computer and all your other devices. To help keep mailboxes manageable, you need another place to store, "archive", older items that you need to reference but are not used all the time. If you are not familiar with the archive functionality in Outlook, follow the instructions at our Outlook Archive page, which contains instructions for both Outlook 2010 (same as 2013) and Outlook 2011 for the Mac.

Additionally, 2-5 minute video tutorials on email archiving created by other sources are available on YouTube. It’s amazing what you can find there aside from cute cat videos. Here are a couple of examples: for PC and for Mac.

If you have questions about this subject or any other technical matter, please call the Help Desk at (805) 493-3698 or send e-mail to

As a reminder, ISS staff will never ask you for your password.