Classroom of tomorrow, today

April 9, 2015

Please join us for an exciting Open House (yes, cookies are involved) as we inaugurate Cal Lutheran’s first of its kind Active Learning Classroom in the Pearson Library on Friday, April 10, from 2:30-4:00 PM.

What is an Active Learning Classroom? As opposed to traditional lecture formats, where instructors do most of the talking, the lecture portion of a class can be delivered online, allowing students to be actively involved in the learning process inside the classroom through group activities and discussions, giving students ample opportunities to clarify, question, apply, and consolidate new knowledge.

The Active Learning Classroom in the Pearson Library has been in the works for several years, from concept to implementation . Funding for construction of the classroom was made available by the Pearson Library Endowment fund. The project was championed by Julius Bianchi, who has since retired to sunny Florida. The Pearson Library staff spent the better part of two years clearing out portions of the library stacks previously known as the compact shelving area to make room for this 21st century classroom. After a year of planning and coordination with the Facilities department, followed by several months of construction and provisioning, the room is now ready for the grand reveal, and the Cal Lutheran community is invited to share in the experience.

What is special about this room? Instead of rows of seats, the room can be configured in pods of six, a U shaped room, or various other configurations. In the pod configuration, each pod or station can seat up to six students and connect up to six computers to a large flat screen monitor, where students can collaborate in teams and project their work on the screen. Meanwhile, the instructor will have access to a standard wall projector, but can project the instructor’s display on all the monitors in the room, or can choose to present the work of any of the pods onto all the screens in the room.

To underscore flexibility, the room is surrounded by whiteboards; the desk surfaces and even the windows in the room can be used as writing surfaces. The room is also equipped with a 30-station laptop cart, which transforms the classroom into a computer lab within minutes.

For those who can’t make it to the open house or for a sneak peek, here are some excellent pictures of the finished room and various configurations taken by Britt Briscoe, Facilities Project Manager and posted on the ISS site.  Additionally, you may check out the  Center for Teaching and Learning’s classroom technology page for additional information and instructional technologies.

Many thanks to all the individuals involved in making the dream of this project into a reality.

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