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As we move into the new school year, many faculty and staff have submitted requests for hardware and software. Students have also been asked about their technology needs as we enter the new academic year in a virtual environment, creating more requests. As you can imagine, schools all over the country (indeed the world) are gearing up for virtual learning and the demands (especially for hardware) have skyrocketed. In addition, most support offices of the university continue to function remotely which increases procurement timelines. ITS is dedicating all our resources to fulfilling your requests and students’ needs, but we ask for your patience as most requests are taking a little longer to fulfill than during non-Covid times.
 As an additional reference, here is a link to our supported software list:
 Also remember that Microsoft Office 365 is free for all students, faculty and staff for 5 of your personal devices and is available from the following link:

Augmented Reality - Free for your iPad and iPhone

There is no question that Virtual Reality is cool. Unlike some of the promises that science fiction made us like flying cars and robot butlers VR has actually made it into our daily lives. But what about Augmented reality? This is a digital space where actual reality and virtual reality meet. Got an urge to put yourself behind the wheel of a Lambo driving down your street? How about bubbles in your coffee cup? The sky is the limit (except of course for the flying car thing).


And to make things cooler, you don't have to be a wizard to work with it. Adobe has a free application for your iPhone or iPad that let's you create augmented reality to dazzle yourself and your friends. Download the app and change your reality, just like the science fiction writers promised.


ITS - 30 Minute Classes

Last week's class was on Kanban, a process to enhance your productivity. If you want to get better control of your time and your life, Kanban might just light a fire under you. Here's a link to last week's video.
 On the 22nd we will be covering some of the new features just released in Zoom. If you would like to attend and you are not on our distribution list, just send an email to:


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As a reminder, the Cal Lutheran Help Desk is staffed and operational. If you have any questions or concerns about IT related matters or a suspicious email, don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk at 805-493-3698 or

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