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Are you a Google Drive user? How about Google Docs, Sheets or Slides? Have you ever wished you used Google Apps? Did you know that you have a campus license for the Enterprise version? That means everyone on campus, from students to staff and faculty have full access to all the features Google Apps offers, including unlimited storage on Google Drive.
 From your MyCLU page, there is a section for Google apps, and we invite you to check it out. Over the next few issues we will be telling you more about using the Google products. This month we are beginning with Google Drive.
 The features in Google drive are really too great to cover in a paragraph, so we have produced a video describing the application in detail. For more information, click on the picture below and take a minute to watch the video.


IoT - Gadgets and how to protect them.

The internet of things has brought us - Intelligent TV's, Amazon Echo, Smart Mr. Coffee, Smart Yoga Mats, Smart Thermostats, Smart Household Appliances, Intelligent Ovens, Smart Grill Thermometers, Smart Home Automation, Smart Toilets and a long list of other items including the Smart Pet Feeder, and while they bring with them the convenience of controlling most of your world from your cellphone - there are some things to be watchful for. If your internet connected device doesn't require a password when you connect to your home network, your internet connected garage door opener, could open more than just your garage, it could open your network to attack. Make sure before you purchase an IoT device that you can change the password.

More 30 minute Excel quick courses

Our Excel in 30 minutes (or your spreadsheet is free) classes have been a great success. There are still a few spots open for the following classes.
 April 26, 2019 - IF Function / SUMIFS Function.
 May 3, 2019 - Calendar Picker & Slicers.
 May 24th, - Track Changes and People Graph.
 Be sure to send an email to: dwarrick@callutheran.edu to reserve a spot. Lunch is provided.

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Homethods is a great sight to find Reviews on home products

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