Adding Apporto Virtual Lab to a Blackboad Course

Adding the Apporto Virtual Lab to a Blackboard Course

Please contact the Cal Lutheran Helpdesk to enable Virtual Classroom settings and
to request access to university owned software. Follow the steps below to add
the Apporto tool to your course.

Note: To add additional software titles, contact ITS and please allow 2-3 days

1) To Add Apporto as a tool to a Blackboard course:

2) Click on "Tool Link"

3) Name Your Virtual Lab

4) In the "Type" dropdown, select "Apporto Virtual Lab"

5) Check the box "Available to Users"

6)  Your new virtual Lab appears in the course menu

7) Apporto is launched into a separate browser window

8) Instructor View of Virtual Lab Desktop

9) Instructor View  & Sharing

10) Student view of Virtual Lab desktop