MyCLU, 30 Second Learning, & Be Aware...of the Bear



The MyCLU Beta roll out announced in August is now live, with it the MyCLU Classic portal has been transitioned off and is no longer available. What this means to you is the resource tabs in MyCLU Classic are now accessible from the left hand pane in the new MyCLU. If you didn't get a chance to watch the video in August on the enhancements in the new MyCLU, here it is again.‚Äč

30 Second Learning

The way we engage with information has changed radically. We no longer use phonebooks, almanacs, encyclopedias or  TV news. In this new world of information flow,
we access information in what Google calls "Micro-Moments".


Be Aware...of the Bear
(30 second video)

In ITS we know that time is short. We work on deadlines and exceed the speed limit (sometimes) and we can forget
to be aware...of the Bear


This week's Links

The Future  ~ Vicki Danko

The Quiet Place Project  ~  Don Warrick

The Conversation  ~ ITS et al.